Connecticut Tri-Track Series

The Connecticut Tri-Track was a series in 1987 that combined points from the three NASCAR sanctioned oval tracks in CT at the time: Stafford Speedway, Thompson Speedway and the Waterford Speedbowl. Points were tallied for both the SK Modified and Late Model divisions that ran weekly at each track. In order to qualify for the series, competitors needed to compete in at least 5 events at each of the three tracks during the season. The series would crown champions for both divisions at season’s end and boasted a $100,000 point fund.

The 1987 Tri-Track Champion for the SK Modifieds was Ted Christopher, who was also the Stafford track champion. He earned $11,250 for the title. The Late Model Tri-Track Champion was Phil Rondeau, who scored the track titles at Stafford and Waterford. Rondeau took home $3,750 for his title.

Contrary to popular belief, the Tri-Track series as originally constituted only last one season because Waterford Speedbowl owner Harvey Tattersall Jr leased his track to the Korteweg family for the 1988 season and they did not operate the track under a NASCAR sanction. The series continued as the Dual-Track Series between Stafford & Thompson for 2 more seasons with a significantly reduced point fund. It was dissolved after the 1989 season.

1987 Connecticut Tri-Track Series TED CHRISTOPHER PHIL RONDEAU
1988 Connecticut Dual Track Series BOB POTTER PHIL RONDEAU
1989 Connecticut Dual Track Series MIKE CHRISTOPHER PHIL RONDEAU