Hall of Fame Selection Committee

The New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame Selection Committee is a diverse group of racers, historians, media personalities and writers who collectively have backgrounds in New England asphalt oval tracks, dirt oval tracks and drag racing. They meet every spring at the Ron Bouchard Racing Museum in Fitchburg, MA to begin deliberations to create the final list of 12 nominees to the Hall of Fame.

Those 12 nominees are voted on by the selection committee plus every living Hall of Fame member. The top 6 vote-getters make up the Hall of Fame induction class. The 2023 inductees will be honored on Sunday November 5th at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, MA.

The current committee Chairmen are Mark Alden and Pete Newsham.

BACK (l-r): Brad Cowen, Carl Oberg, Pete Zanardi, Nick Teto, John Pettengill, Cynthia Tebbetts, Paul Masse, Pete Vander Veer, April May Preston-Elms, John Spence
FRONT (l-r): Rich Goucher, Scott Ingerson, Justin St. Louis, Jim Blake, Mark Alden, Sid DiMaggio, Dick Berggren
MISSING IN PIC: Pete Newsham, Ric Mariscal, R.A. Silvia, Lloyd Hutchins, Rollie Lindblad