The Vermont Milk Bowl

The Vermont Milk Bowl was created by Ken Squier for as the annual season-ending Late Model race at his Thunder Road International Speedbowl in Barre, VT. He dubbed it “The Toughest Short Track Stock Car Race in North America.” It has been held in all but one season (1981) since 1962. The Milk Bowl was held at Catamount Stadium in 1978 & 1980.

The Milk Bowl consists of three 50 lap segments, with the running order inverted between segments. The driver with the best average finish is declared the winner. The race winner receives cup of milk as a trophy and traditionally kisses a cow in victory lane.

Pre-race ceremonies prior to the 2021 Vermont Milk Bowl at Thunder Road International Speedbowl

Dave Dion in 1975 and Robbie Crouch in 1986 both set fast time and swept all 3 segments enroute to their overall wins. Crouch was also the first driver to win the Vermont Milk Bowl 4 times (1983, 1986, 1988, 1990). Nick Sweet has since tied the record (2013, 2015, 2016, 2021). Russ Ingerson (1965-1966), Dave Whitlock (1994-1995), Brian Hoar (1998-1999), Patrick Laperle (2007-2008), Nick Sweet (2015-2016) and Jason Corliss (2017-2018) have each won back-to-back Milk Bowl events during their career.

1962 HAROLD HANAFORD Harold Hanaford Harold Hanaford Clint Gerard
1963 LEE INGERSON Harold Hanaford Lee Ingerson Larry Granger
1964 HAROLD HANAFORD Johnny Gammell Harold Hanaford Lee Ingerson
1965 RUSS INGERSON Ronnie Marvin Ronnie Marvin Paul Martel
1966 RUSS INGERSON Larry Demar Russ Ingerson Russ Ingerson
1967 LARRY DEMAR Larry Demar Larry Demar Larry Demar
1968 RUSS INGERSON Tom Tiller Jim Gallison Lennie Stockwell
1969 JOHNNY GAMMELL Moe Dubois Bobby Dragon Ed Doggett
1970 STUB FADDEN Chet Wood Moe Dubois Chet Wood
1971 DANNY BRIDGES John Rosati George Horne Beaver Dragon
1972 BOBBY DRAGON Dave Dion Bobby Dragon Bobby Dragon
1973 JEAN-PAUL CABANA Jean-Paul Cabana Dave Dion Jean-Paul Cabana
1974 BILL DENNIS Bill Dennis Bobby Dragon Joey Kourafas
1975 DAVE DION Dave Dion Dave Dion Dave Dion
1976 RON BARCOMB Ron Barcomb Dave Dion Claude Aubin
1977 BUTCH LINDLEY Dave Dion Langis Caron Butch Lindley
1978 BEAVER DRAGON Claude Aubin Dick McCabe Jean-Paul Cabana
1979 STUB FADDEN Beaver Dragon Giles Lussier rained out
1980 HECTOR LeCLAIR Robbie Crouch Hector Leclair Jocelyn Tremblay
1981 no race held
1982 DICK McCABE Chuck Brown Stub Fadden Dick McCabe
1983 ROBBIE CROUCH Robbie Crouch Jeff Stevens Wes Rosner
1984 RANDY LAJOIE Robbie Crouch Kevin Lepage Stub Fadden
1985 KEVIN LEPAGE Randy LaJoie Kevin Lepage Bobby Dragon
1986 ROBBIE CROUCH Robbie Crouch Robbie Crouch Robbie Crouch
1987 JEAN-PAUL CABANA Robbie Crouch Dave Dion Jean-Paul Cabana
1988 ROBBIE CROUCH Robbie Crouch Jean-Paul Cabana Robbie Crouch
1989 KEVIN LEPAGE Russ Urlin Jean-Paul Cabana Dave Dion
1990 ROBBIE CROUCH Beaver Dragon Randy MacDonald Dave Dion
1991 DAN BEEDE Dan Beede Dave Dion Dan Beede
1992 RANDY MacDONALD Junior Hanley Randy MacDonald Dan Beede
1993 KEVIN LEPAGE Kevin Lepage Mike Rowe Junior Hanley
1994 DAVE WHITLOCK Dave Whitlock Claude LeClerc Mike Rowe
1995 DAVE WHITLOCK Brad Leighton Tracy Gordon Dave Whitlock
1996 JEAN-PAUL CYR Dave Whitcomb Richard Buzzi Jean-Paul Cyr
1997 PHIL SCOTT Brian Hoar Phil Scott Dave Dion
1998 BRIAN HOAR Brian Hoar Brian Hoar Doug Hoar
1999 BRIAN HOAR Brian Hoar Chad Wheeler Brian Hoar
2000 PHIL SCOTT Phil Scott Brent Dragon Brian Hoar
2001 DWAYNE LANPHEAR Pete Fecteau Bobby Dragon Pete Fecteau
2002 DAVE PEMBROKE Cooper MacRitchie Ryan Moore Phil Scott
2003 ERIC WILLIAMS Jean-Paul Cyr Rich Lowrey Phil Scott
2004 CRIS MICHAUD Cooper MacRitchie Jamie Fisher Phil Scott
2005 PATRICK LAPERLE Dave Pembroke Patrick Laperle Brent Dragon
2006 BRENT DRAGON Joey Polewarczyk Jr Jay Laquerre Scott Payea
2007 PATRICK LAPERLE Phil Scott Jean-Paul Cyr Dave Pembroke
2008 PATRICK LAPERLE Patrick Laperle John Donahue Ryan Nolin
2009 JOHN DONAHUE Brent Dragon Wayne Helliwell Jr Jean-Paul Cyr
2010 JOEY POLEWARCZYK JR Joey Polewarczyk Jr Pete Potvin Jean-Paul Cyr
2011 BRIAN HOAR Brian Hoar Mike Bailey Brian Hoar
2012 DAVE PEMBROKE Brian Hoar Jean-Paul Cyr Glen Luce
2013 NICK SWEET Brian Hoar Bobby Therrien Cody Blake
2014 EDDIE MacDONALD Eddie MacDonald Jimmy Hebert Brad Babb
2015 NICK SWEET Derrick O’Donnell Jim Morris Nick Sweet
2016 NICK SWEET Nick Sweet Joey Polewarczyk Jr Nick Sweet
2017 JASON CORLISS Nick Sweet Scott Payea Scott Dragon
2018 JASON CORLISS Jason Corliss Patrick Laperle Scott Payea
2019 BOBBY THERRIEN Bobby Therrien Rich Dubeau Tyler Cahoon
2020 JASON CORLISS Jason Corliss Stephen Donahue Marcel Garvel
2021 NICK SWEET Nick Sweet Matt Smith Bobby Therrien
2022 CHRISTOPHER PELKEY Christopher Pelkey Jason Corliss Derrick O’Donnell
2023 STEPHEN DONAHUE Stephen Donahue Gabe Brown Bobby Therrien